The Richlands Professional Building offers a beautiful view of downtown Richlands, Virginia.  The facility is a four-story office complex with glass surrounding the entire structure.  The building is the only one of its kind in the Richlands area.  The stately stature of the Richlands Professional Building exudes class and professionalism at a glance.    









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The Richlands Professional Building offers a complete array of professional business and every day living amenities, from an excellent location to easy access to highways to High Speed Data services. The facility provides floorspace for professional offices with one floor dedicated to STUDENT DORMITORIES for college students.  In addition to offices and professional accommodations, and living quarters, the Richlands Professional Building also offers a conference facility with meeting rooms!  For details, please contact us.






The Richlands, Virginia area is located in the Southwestern region of the state.  The area offers excellent access to roads, a safe environment for families, beautiful scenery, and a friendly atmosphere.  It is a great place to do business!

































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